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Enzymes that Unlock
Your Next Discovery

Enzymes as Tools for Molecular Research and Diagnostics (MDx)

For developers and manufacturers in molecular research and diagnostics – we provide unique and high-quality enzyme components, tailored to support you in the pursuit to unlock your next discovery.


Enzymes Are Precision Tools Powering Molecular Discovery and Disease Diagnosis
Much like specialized tools designed for specific tasks, enzymes catalyze unique biochemical reactions, facilitating transformations in biological systems without being consumed in the process. By choosing the right enzyme, i.e. molecular tool, for the application, we bring nature's processes from in vivo to in vitro, supporting discoveries in molecular biology and and enabling precise diagnosis of disease.

Uniqueness& Benefits of our Enzymes
We understand that details make the difference in scientific research. That's why our enzymes are engineered with unique features such as heat-lability, cold-activeness, salt tolerance, and novel specificity. These attributes simplify your workflows, enhance automation compatibility, and provide exceptional robustness under challenging conditions.

Heat Labile

Heat-labile enzymes simplifies workflows and make them automation-friendly.

Cold Active

Cold active enzymes reduces the need for heating and ensures an efficient and gentle treatment.

Salt Tolerant

Most of our enzymes are extremely robust in the presence of challenging conditions and matrices.


Extremozymes, high processivity, fast inactivation, and novel specificity.

Pain points we help you solve
In molecular research and diagnostics, researchers often face challenges in efficiently isolating and purifying nucleic acids, which can impede the accuracy and reliability of subsequent analyses. Additionally, the sensitivity of diagnostic assays can be compromised by contaminants, making it crucial to have highly specific and efficient enzymes.

Other common pain points can include issues such assubstrate specificity, reaction kinetics, and temperature requirements. At ArcticZymes, our enzymes are engineered to address these very challenges. With high substrate affinity and optimized reaction kinetics, our enzymes increase the reliability and reproducibility of your assays. Additionally, their thermal profile accommodates a broader range of experimental conditions, enabling flexibility in protocol design.


Our Molecular Tools solutions are designed to address your pain points, offering a range of specialized enzymes that enhance the efficiency and reliability of nucleic acid detection and analysis. We offer solutions for nucleic acid isolation, enrichment and amplification as well as modification and downstream analysis. Our enzymes serve a wide variety of applications in research and diagnostics.

Sample Isolation

Ensure free nucleic acids, readily available for amplification, by removal of interfering proteins.


Increase ability to detect your target, by removal of unwanted nucleic acids and carry-over contamination


Perform sensitive amplification of your target with isothermal amplification (i.e., LAMP) or PCR

Modification and Downstream Analysis

Accurate and reliable analysis  by Sanger sequencing or NGS

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Sample Isolation

Sensitive and robust analysis of nucleic acids relies on DNA or RNA that is free of interfering proteins and readily available for amplification. This step is especially crucial when working with delicate and limited sample material. For this task, ArcticZymes Proteinase is ideally suited, ensuring sensitive detection from your precious samples.


ArcticZymes enzymes play a crucial role in elevating the quality of your samples. Our products are designed to selectively enhance the concentration of desired molecules by removal of interfering nucleic acids or carry-over contamination, improving the sensitivity and specificity of your subsequent analyses. With ArcticZymes, you're transforming enrichment from a bottleneck to a gateway for discovery.

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Amplification of the desired target is accomplished by isothermal amplification or polymerasechain reaction (PCR).  Our polymerases are designed to operate under diverse conditions, offering flexibility without compromising on reliability. Incorporating ArcticZymes’ polymerases into your amplification workflow ensures sensitive and precise detection of nucleic acids or sets the stage downstream analysis.

Modification and Downstream Analysis

Following amplification, down stream analysis often calls for modification or clean-up of amplified products. ArcticZymes' Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (SAP), including its recombinant version (rSAP), is the gold standard and the first heat-labile, all-purpose alkaline phosphatase on the market. Together with ExoI, or the heat-labile HL-ExoI, rSAP offers the most efficient means for clean-up of PCR products prior to Sanger Sequencing.

T4 DNA Ligase is an all-round DNA ligase, whereas R2D ligase offers unique features for ligation of RNA and DNA.

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Quality Control
ArcticZymes is dedicated to product quality. All products are manufactured at our ISO 13485 certified facility in Norway. In addition to having unique properties that make them particularly robust, our systems ensure consistently high-quality enzymes that are reproducible.


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We continually develop

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We have been driven for over 30 years by a singular focus on enzymes, attracting like-minded scientists who share our zeal for excellence and innovation in this specialized field.Working closely with customers, we create innovative solutions that elevate their products from good to great, ultimately enabling them to achieve their goals and redefine the boundaries of  biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Many create enzymes; we craft game-changing solutions, engineered to propel your work forward in ways you never thought possible.