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We are driven by our purpose:

Advancing the boundaries of molecular research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

We believe in redefining possibilities.
The way we break through conventional limits is through specialized focus on enzymatic solutions, customized to address your unique challenges.

At our labs 350 km north of the Arctic Circle, our commitment to developing novel enzymes has not only led to industry break-throughs but also revolutionized approaches to molecular research, such as pioneering the first salt-active nucleases.

This commitment attracts like-minded scientists who share our zeal for pushing the boundaries of excellence and innovation in this specialized field.

Fueled by this cycle of innovation and backed by over 30 years of experience, insights, and a deep-rooted passion for enzymes, we craft high-quality products designed to empower your discovery in molecular research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

Many design enzymes.
We design novel solutions for your conditions

We harness our Arctic marine environment to discover cold-adapted enzymes, addressing industry challenges like high-salt and low-temperature efficiency. With a proven track record in molecular research, diagnostics, and therapeutics, we excel at leveraging our expertise with Extremozymes.

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Crystal structure of Mn catalase from Thermus Thermophilus PDB:2V8T

Enzymes from extremophilic microorganisms usually catalyze chemical reactions in non-standard conditions. Such conditions promote aggregation, precipitation, and denaturation, reducing the activity of most non-extremophilic enzymes, frequently due to the absence of sufficient hydration.

Quality Assurance

Our no-compromises approach ensures that our enzymes are robustly and reproducibly manufactured to deliver highly consistent products you can rely on. Our product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes are therefore certified and in accordance to the ISO 13485 quality standard.

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We Pioneered the First Salt Active Nucleases

Our groundbreaking research resulted in the first commercially available Salt Active Nuclease in 2015.

We continue to develop products that out-perform rivals and that empower you to choose the nuclease that performs best. As a company founded by scientists, we do this by putting ourselves in your shoes and designing enzymes based on your conditions and your process.

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