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A wide range of applications

Our novel enzymes are developed to meet the high demands of our customers. Thanks to their unique features, ArcticZymes eenzymes can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as the complete removal of DNA, viral bioprocessing for gene and cell therapy or protein purification.

Viral Bioprocessing

Our nucleases are, especially salt tolerant and tailor made for viral bioprocessing, which results in a less expensive and more efficient process.

PCR Carry-Over Prevention

To prevent PCR carry-over, the PCR mixture is treated with uracil DNA glycosylase (UNG).

Isothermal Amplification

IsoPol™BST⁺ is well suited for isothermal applications such as LAMP and RT-LAMP for its superior amplification performance and robustness.

Removal of Carry-Over Contamination in RT-LAMP

Cod UNG is the ideal contamination control in RT-LAMP as it effectively eliminates false positive results from carry-over contaminants and restores assay sensitivity.

Removal of Genomic DNA from RNA Preparations

With our Heat&Run gDNA removal kit the removal of contaminating genomic DNA from RNA is easier than ever before.

Decontamination of PCR Master Mixes

Our PCR Decontamination kit removes contaminating DNA in master mixes without reduction of PCR sensitivity.

PCR Product Clean-up

SAP offers a simple and effective method for removing nucleotides and primers from PCR products prior to sequencing or genotyping.

Dephosphorylation Prior to Cloning

SAP completely dephosphorylates the DNA in a single, and simple incubation. There is no need for complex calculations and multi-step incubations.

Protein Purification

HL-SAN is easily inactivated by treatment with a reducing agent, and the high pI (9.6) enables easy separation of HL-SAN from most protein targets.

Complete Removal of DNA

SAN is perfectly suitable for the complete removal of DNA.

Viscosity Reduction

SAN is the perfect enzyme to reduce the viscosity in BugBuster lysates.

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