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Enzymes that Unlock
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Cod Uracil-DNA glycosylase

We solve your challenges

Our purpose is clear: advance the boundaries of molecular research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

We believe in redefining possibilities. The way we break through conventional limits is through specialized focus on enzymatic solutions, customized to address your unique challenges.


Many design enzymes.
We design novel solutions for your conditions

We craft game-changing solutions engineered to propel your work forward in ways you never thought possible.

The Power of Choice:

We believe selecting the ideal enzyme is the difference between "it works, but,…" and "it's groundbreaking" for your research or biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Innovation Unleashes Your Success:

We have a passion for addressing industry-specific challenges such as enzyme efficiency in high-salt and low-temperature environments.

Passionate Expertise:

Inspired by our Arctic environment, we transform over 30 years of experience, insights and passion for enzymes, into high-quality products, empowering your discovery in molecular research, diagnostics, or therapeutics.

Collaborative Success:

We believe in collaboration that elevates your products from good to great, ultimately enabling you to achieve your goals and redefine the boundaries of molecular science.


Unlock Success with a Collaborative Enzyme Expert

Choosing the right enzyme for your manufacturing or research is like finding the perfect key to a lock – it transforms a barrier into a gateway to extraordinary discoveries.

Learn about Commercial Supply and turbocharge your work to bring innovative ideas to market faster.

Introducing San HQ GMP

High Salt + Enzyme = Cleaner Viral Vectors! From the Pioneers of Salt-Active Nuclease