2024 Annual General Meeting Info & Registration
Enzymes that Unlock
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JSGCT 2024

Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 18, 2024
Kanagawa, Japan

Like you, we understand that every moment counts in our bustling professional world. Our booth is often buzzing with activity, a testament to our innovations in the field.

Want to meet the inventors of the technology revolutionizing bioprocessing? You've likely heard of Salt Active Nucleases for DNA clearance from Viral Vectors Oncolytic Viruses & Vaccines?  🧬 Let's talk science and solutions to unlock the insights you need to improve your biomanufacturing  🚀

To ensure you get the most out of your time at the event - and to ensure we have time to discuss your needs - we recommend booking a time slot.

Need to change it later? No problem, but prioritize efficiency and reserve a time in the calendar!

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